Annunci politically incorrect d’epoca #2

Una nuova gallery dedicata alle pubblicità del passato che oggi non supererebbero l’esame dell’IAP, lIstituto dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria. C’è di tutto, dal sessisimo, al razzismo, all’istigazione alla violenza fino all’invito a usare psicofarmaci.

Molte di queste pubblicità sono riprese da Beyond Belief: Racist, Sexist, Rude, Crude and Dishonest : The Golden Age of Madison Avenue, un libro di prossima uscita che raccoglie tutte le peggiori campagne del secolo scorso.

La gallery precedente.

Elliotts Paint, 1930s Pears soap was sold as being so effective that black skin could be scrubbed clean, Photograph Lake County Museum Corbis

Lucky Strike, 1930. To counter the health concerns around smoking, ad men simply enlisted their own men in white coats Photograph- Lord, Thomas & Logan Agency, 1930

Broomsticks, 1967. The women in this bizarre game – Rosie, Carol or Eleanor – may be interchangeable, but only one brand of slacks will do Photograph GQ, 1967

Panasonic hairdryer, 1972 even back then, cancer treatment and resulting hair loss was common enough to have made this unthinkable. Photograph- Panasonic, Ted Bates Agency

Van Heusen, 1952. ‘The world’s smartest shirts’ – and the world’s crudest racial stereotyping Photograph Life, 1952

Iver Johnson firearms, 1904. This US weapons manufacturer makes some puzzling claims for a gun that can ‘shoot straight and kill’ while being ‘absolutely safe’ Photograph Harpers, 1904

Mebaral sedatives, 1950s. Tranquilisers were routinely used to pacify and sedate women; here, though, a stressed-out man is advised of the benefits of daytime sedation

Meprospan, 1957- what every stressed-out mother at bath-time needs- to still be sedated by the pill she took when she first awoke. Photograph- Robert & Wilson, Inc Agency

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